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by The Fauxtons

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A photon is a particle of light…that also behaves like a wave. The dual nature of light fascinates physicists. The dual nature of people fascinates a songwriter. People often have an impulse to say that either A or B is true, and forget that both can be true.

Ringo gets it. In "A Hard Days' Night," when asked if he was a mod or a rocker, he replied, "A mocker!"


released August 4, 2016

Brian Bentley - Drums
Michael Gruber - Bass, Vocals
Danny Hicks - Guitar
Annelies Howell - Guitar, Vocals

All songs by Annelies Howell.
Recorded and mixed by Annelies Howell at RnR Laboratories.
Produced by Annelies Howell and Danny Hicks.
Mastered by Mike ZIrkel.



all rights reserved


The Fauxtons Madison, Wisconsin

The Fauxtons is the brainchild of Annelies Howell (The German Art Students). This project gives her a chance to go back to the music that inspired her to start playing: folky, singer-songwriter tunes. Danny Hicks adds guitar hooks that bring an edge. Michael Gruber and Brian Bentley fill out the rhythm section. ... more

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Track Name: Holy Roller
When the sky is falling all around
And earthquakes shake and crack the ground
When the world is splitting at the seams
And I don’t know what it means

I wanna be a holy roller
I wanna stand on someone’s shoulders
When the world leaves me feeling colder
I wanna be a holy roller

I’m tired of life’s subtlety
Too many choices leave me weary
I want a world in black and white
I want a world in wrong and right

I’m selfish and I’m shallow
I ought to live the straight and narrow
A set of rules that need no thinking
Look in the mirror without blinking
Track Name: How Do You Know
How do you know what’s wrong or right
How do you know when to put up a fight
How do you test all that you have learned
How do you know when you’re gonna get burned

Well you can’t
And you don’t
You never will
so you won’t
No you won’t

How do you sleep when you can’t find peace
How do you lead when you’re down on your knees
How do you live with the choices you’ve made
How do you handle the hand that’s been played

When the world is full of adult compromises
Look out for brand new surprises
Wasting time playing tic tac toe
Play to a draw with x’s and o’s

How do you teach when there’s nothing you know
How do you decide how far to go
How do you find your way without a map
How do you find out what your life lacks
Track Name: Lost Yesterdays
She always followed the rules
Behaved like a rock and made fun of the fools
She never let herself choose
To make any mistakes

She's a beautiful mess
She knows that her life is blessed
Aching nevertheless
For all those lost yesterdays

There’s a pull and there’s a push
Too slow then a fevered rush
Not enough or too much
Should she go or should she stay

She let go of his hand
She fell down like a kite without wind
Wallowing in the land
Of all those lost yesterdays

Its never the time or the place
She's all grown up and puts on a brave face
The old her never escaped
It's hidden away beneath layers of paint

What good is youth anyway
How old is too old to play
She still gets carried away
In all those lost yesterdays

Life's a beautiful mess
Sometimes smooth sometimes restless
Aching nevertheless
For all those lost yesterdays
Track Name: Rewriting History
I write little stories nearly every single day
Some are so good they’d take your breath away
I tell them to myself when I’m falling asleep
Pour hot water and let them steep

We got together I wrote a story
We spent a lifetime inside of me
Funny how life doesn’t live up to the dream
Funny how love turns cold and mean

We didn’t fight and we didn’t cry
And I don’t care if you miss me
I didn’t like the way we turned out
So now I’m rewriting history

Most people say that you oughta live right
Brush your teeth say your prayers and turn out the light
I think I mighta found a better way
Just misremember your terrible days

Cross out the sad parts / Embellish the rest
Pretty soon you’ve made / Fables from a mess

We didn’t cuss and We didn’t fuss
And you were never a mystery
I didn’t like the way we turned out
So now I’m rewriting history

My heart never broke We always spoke
And I don’t care if you kiss me
The story of us fell apart at the end
So now I’m rewriting history
Track Name: Lost and Found
You gotta go
Off on your own
Into the unknown
My balance is thrown

There's something you need to do
Spinning into the blue
Wandering through
I’ve been waiting for you

I always liked having you around
You keep me connected to the ground
Where's my sense of safe and sound
Check inside the lost and found

How do you feel
Waiting for your last meal
Trying to make a deal
Moments to steal

When will you find your way home
No more roads left to roam
Points to prove are all gone
Won’t you find your way home

We are all on our way
Through time and through space
It’s a lonely foot race
We try to do it with grace

I’ve got crooked wings
I’m a kite you’re the string
And we can do anything
I guess we both got wings
Track Name: Still Waters
Still waters run deep
And I can’t sleep
My mind races and leaps
In endless circles

I’m lying in my bed
With a ringing in my head
I can’t forget the words you said
They're an echo echo echo

Which part of this is real
How long until I heal
When will the world reveal
Its secrets

Cause there’s a visible seam
Between the nightmare and the dream
Just go ahead and scream
It's like a tree falling in the forest

My composure shows a crack
And wolves come and attack
Yeah they keep coming back
As sure as the sun goes down

Still waters run deep
And I can’t sleep
My mind races and leaps
In endless circles

Still waters run deep
And I can’t sleep
These secrets that I keep
They are a poison